All our sessions are free to attend although we do accept donations so we can continue to run the groups.

Please check the latest newsletter for all the up to date information and specific dates of activities.

Indoor Bowls -

2pm at Hampden Park Indoor Bowls club

4th Friday of each month.


2pm at Christ the King Church Hall (Langney Roundabout)

3rd Wednesday of each month, Defiant Sports (Joel) leads the sessions where we take part in a variety of games such as Boccia, curling, bowling etc. This is usually all completed while seated to make it easier to take part.


2pm at Christ the King Church Hall (Langney Roundabout)

2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month.Sharon a professional singer and Paul a professional musician lead these sessions.


The Towner Cinema

21st September 2021 we will have a dementia friendly screening of Singing in the Rain. £5 including free ice cream.
Come and see a popular film in the cinema which we hire for our use only. Relax and don’t worry about your cared for person if they like to get up for a walk.

Meet & Greet Coffee Group

10.30am Christ the King Church Hall

3rd Saturday of each month.We have session like arts/crafts, quiz’s, reminiscence, dancing, flower arranging and cooking.

Swimming- on hold at present

1st Sunday of each month at Motcombe

Please check dates in newsletter. But we always hold it on a Sunday at 12.30pm. We hire the pool out for personal use. We have volunteers who will sit on chairs at the side if your loved one does not wish to get into the water. So come along and enjoy a swim.


Tutts Barn Lane

Sessions can be booked by ringing Carol. If you like to do a bit of planting, watering etc please let us know. We would love to have you. From March 2020, there will be get togethers on the first Saturday morning of each month. Please ring Carol for someone to meet you at the gate.

Friends of Memory Lane Eastbourne

A new group for people no longer caring for a loved one, our dedicated volunteers or current carers who would like to meet up with others.We will meet in a variety of venues for a chat and hopefully cake!!
Ring Carol for further details.